Bridging two lives

We’re building Render because we love gaming. But, we saw a problem.

Too often, the time we spend in-game is left behind by the press of an off button. Our second lives - adventures, achievements, empires, and friendships - quietly set aside until next time. A part of who we are, left in-game and forgotten as we age and move on.

Founding Render, we believe in a different vision - one that lets us bring the best moments of those second lives with us through every step of the journey. To capture a moment and save it forever. To take a lifetime of adventures and weave them into our unique stories. To share  moments with friends who care. To bridge our gaming and material lives in a space that makes sense.

We're building Render to remember, share, and celebrate these second lives across games, consoles, geography, and time. Most importantly, though, we're building it for you. Join us.

Get in touch

Render is the vision of a team of Harvard students passionate about gaming. We'd love for you to get involved.
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